Devito on track to run at exascale

The Devito dev team have reason to be more excited than most about DownUnder GeoSolutions (DUG) newly announced 250 petaflop (single-precision) supercomputer, known as “Bubba”. In order to make full use of these FLOPS, DUG have been developing a new seismic imaging software stack using our open source framework, Devito. Devito is an open source Domain-specific Language (DSL) embedded in Python. It uses code generation and compiler technology to create highly optimised and parallel finite difference kernels, such as those used in FWI or RTM. Devito utilises SymPy to allow the definition of operators from high-level symbolic equations and generates code optimised for a given target architecture. More information is available here:

(1) Devito on track to run at exascale | LinkedIn