1st PRISM Residential Workshop

Date: 10-12 January 2021
Venue: Chicheley Hall

After the success of on-line workshops, we are thrilled to be back with another educational and inspirational event. The aim of the 1st PRISM Residential Workshop is for the PRIMS research groups to know each other’s work, and to hopefully spark some interesting/unexpected collaborations among group members. Because the researchers been working in isolation much more (or in much more closed/defined groups), there’s likely to be less awareness of what everyone’s doing and where our work fits in to the wider PRISM research space.

1. Disseminating research/work
2. Finding synergies
3. Establishing collaborations
4. Resetting our ideas of where our work fits in the wider community
5. Reconnecting with collaborators and learn about their current work
6. Developing new plans for future research opportunities/grants