Academic Visitors Scheme

PRISM team value academic visits highly; they help us to build a vibrant, internationally diverse and exciting research culture for our research community. PRISM’s Academic Visitors can be involved in several activities during their stay. This includes collaborating with members of staff in research projects, exchanging knowledge or experience, holding academic discussions, observing teaching practices, and exploring opportunities for future joint projects.

This Academic Year PRISM will host the following Academic Visitors

  • Professor Mike Kirby from School of Computing, University of Utah
  • Professor Hugh Blackburn from Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Monash University
  • Proffessor Hari Sundar from University of Utah
  • Prof Jean-David Benamou and his PhD student Hugo Malamut from INRIA, Paris. Joinly with the Prof Cotter they have worked on optimal transport methods for solving geophysical fluid dynamics equations. More info can be found here: