Aerodynamics & Control Seminars: Prof Patrick Farrell on Computing multiple solutions of PDEs with deflation

We are pleased to announce that Prof Patrick Farrell will give a departmental seminar in the Aeronautics Department of Imperial College London. The seminar will be streamed online.

Abstract: Computing the distinct solutions uu of an equation f(u,λ)=0f(u, \lambda) = 0 as a parameter λ∈R\lambda \in \mathbb{R} is varied is a central task in applied mathematics and engineering. The solutions are captured in a bifurcation diagram, plotting (some functional of) uu as a function of λ\lambda. In this talk I will present a useful idea, deflation, for this task.

Deflation has three main advantages. First, it is capable of computing disconnected bifurcation diagrams; previous algorithms only aimed to compute that part of the bifurcation diagram continuously connected to the initial data. Second, its implementation is very simple: it only requires a minor modification to an existing Newton-based solver. Third, it can scale to very large discretisations if a good preconditioner is available; no auxiliary problems must be solved.

We will present applications to hyperelastic structures, liquid crystals, and Bose-Einstein condensates, and discuss how PDE-constrained optimisation problems may be solved to design systems with certain bifurcation properties.